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Hiya! My name is Alex Velazquez.

I’m an animator, creative director, and designer who’s been working for nearly 20 years. As a kid, I would sit for hours and design characters for fun, coming up with their stories and aspects of their world. I’m passionate about details and focused on telling compelling and moving stories. Check out some of my work below or if you’re old-school check out my demo reel.

© 2022 by Alex Velazquez. All rights reserved unless otherwise stated.

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Psst! Hey! If you like my work, go ahead and contact me, after which I'll follow up. If you're feeling brave you can just call me directly. Otherwise, good ol' fashioned email works as well.

Alex is a diligent post-production operator and I've had the pleasure of working with him on a number of projects over the last few years. I've had wonderful experiences each time, working on branded content with Alex taking the lead in both editor and animator roles for blue-chip clients.

He's reliably delivered quality work on tight turnarounds, he asks the right questions to get the project tone right, he has a strategically creative sensibility, and he's clear in his communication. Love working with Alex.

Jeremy Lerner

Senior Producer at FCB New York

Alex is always professional and very reliable. He was someone you could depend on to come in last minute on projects and just buckle down and get very solid work out. Great attitude and never afraid to ask questions and to check-in. Very positive person to have in your studio.

Lindsey (Neyman) Yates

Global Bidding Producer at FuseFX

I've worked with Alex for over 5 years (both as a teammate and a supervisor), and he is an outstanding artist and technician. Animation, storyboarding, illustration, name it, he crushes it. I'm still trying to find something he cannot do! Level-headed and realistic with timelines as well. I would recommend him without reservation.

Wes Townsend

Founder/CEO of Garbanzo Group LLC

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