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Inktober 2021

This is a selection of some of my best #inktober2021 challenge submissions.

inktober challenge of a skull with crystals growing out of it

It started off with just illustrations. I loved using my new toy, the #iPad, and #procreate (a name I still chuckle at). The first few I had fun with them and then I realized that I could make this even more challenging by #Animating them.

I don't know if you have ever heard of the #inktoberchallenge but essentially, every day in the month of October, you are supposed to create an inked (or FINISHED) artwork every day based on a prompt list that they only reveal at the start of the month. SO imagine this, I get 4 #illustrations into this challenge and I decide instead of just doing one drawing per day, I'm gonna do dozens by animating each of my submissions.

Some of them were simple and some were deceivingly complicated. I used two main apps to animated these. The first was #Procreate. The second was #Calipeg which ended up being my main hand-animating tool because it was way more robust than the former.

Have you participated in the #inktober challenge? If so please show me! Leave a comment below or you can just get in contact with me.

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