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I was working at Peppercomm as a #permalancer for several weeks when I got this job. The concept was a bit hard to grasp at first, but after a short while and some well-asked questions, we understood the concept and moved forward with the production. At the time, it was only me and the lead producer, Jeremy, on this job so much of the process fell on me to execute.

I started out by taking the #roughscript and #storyboarding. I worked with Jeremy to refine the story, edit the script and we went through a couple of revisions of the rough boards. We went right into animatics, combining stock footage and rough designs. Every version of the animatic yielded more clarity and better designs.

Once we had a good idea of the pacing and the look, we started working on developing the final designs to be animated. Using a combination of #Adobe #Illustrator, #AfterEffects some built-in 3D tracking software, and some creative thinking, I was able to successfully animate elements as if they were in the scene. The result is a clean design that tells the story forward and isn't distracting.

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