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Psst! Hey! If you like my work, go ahead and contact me, after which I'll follow up. If you're feeling brave you can just call me directly. Otherwise, good ol' fashioned email works as well.


Seriously, who doesn't like free stuff? As the title suggests, this is a collection of stuff I use almost daily for work. A lot of this is for Adobe After Effects or other Adobe apps, but as I learn, I'll be adding more resources for Cinema 4D and other industry-specific apps.


These are resources I've collected, like a squirrel, over the years through research and stumbling into things. Occasionally, I'll modify expressions I find for After Effects to make them more useful to my specific needs. Other times, I'll generate completely new and original assets for you to have and enjoy! I'll be updating this often so please bookmark this page and visit often to get the latest resources.

I offer this collection of useful resources completely free, but if you could buy me a cup of coffee or even a meal or two, I could add MORE resources and I would also be so grateful!

- Alex

Animation resources I use every day

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