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Holiday Parade


THIS was a fun one. I was tasked with creating a unique idea for a company #holiday #newsletter that would just wow everyone. Something that they had never done before. I pitched this very clean yet fun email with a banner of marching holiday characters.

They loved the idea. I started off with a #proofofconcept, the walking present, and once they approved the concept, I was off coming up with ideas for the walking line of characters. Using the walking present as a jumping-off point, designed the other characters so they could have a similar walking pace.

All of these were #handanimated in #photoshop. I also used after effects to polish off the loops, and create some guides for the more bulbous characters (I'm looking at you, saki bottle). There was one walking character that unfortunately had to be cut due to time restraints. My favorite one, the walking stapler.

Watch the 12-second #loop as a video in case the Gif above doesn't work.

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