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After developing the main logo and icon, we decided to explore with different fonts and secondary icons, ultimately coming up with the official Garbanzo Icon set. This fun icon set includes some of the most popular social media icons as well as some standard emojis and other iconography from the last 10 years.

Compared to the old logo, the new one has several things different while still maintaining the essence of the old brand.

The new logo is roughly at the same angle as the old one. This helps with recognition so our clients who know us as the old brand will recognize us immediately. The font is also almost the same settling on a slightly different weight.

Although we maintained a few of the old colors in general, the color palette is very different. One aspect we thought would help refine the old logo is to use a parallel camera to give it an isometric look. It also helps with readability. We wanted to give the logo a softer feel to make it more approachable so we rounded the edges. Speaking of edges, the bevel profile has been improved to make it easier to distinguish the two different aspects of the logo. The front face and the back bubble.

The result is a candy coated logo that makes your mouth water.

The animation was a challenge because we wanted a bouncy look, similar to the old animation, but with a modern twist. We experimented with a variety of different animation types, some of which you might see in the coming months. Keep an eye out on social media. 👀 Brand Refresh

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In early 2020 Wes Townsend, owner of Garbanzo Group LLC., came to me with an idea of refreshing the Garbanzo brand. After about XNUMBER weeks, we came up with this shiny new brand!

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